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Course Description

This course begins with an introduction to Stereotomy, the process of unfolding three-dimensional objects into two-dimensional views in order to obtain the true angles and lengths of the objects without the need for formulas or calculations. This course covers the basic drafting skills required to create these two-dimensional views. Topics covered and reinforced with hands-on exercises include paper sizes and layout, borders, line types and weights, scale, drafting symbols common to our crafts, and dimensioning. Also covered and practiced will be the proper use of drafting triangles and straightedges to produce parallel and perpendicular lines and bisecting and trisecting angles with a compass. Projects in this first course include developing elevation and plan views of a given object and developing a series of elevation views that when cut out and folded will assemble a complex joint.

Special Instructions

Tools and/or supplies required: Pen and notebook, highlighters, 0.3mm mechanical pencil with spare 0.3mm lead

Course Length: 11 Hours
Designed for Craft: All UBC Crafts
Pre-requisites: None
Upon Completion: Your UBC Training Verification wallet card will be updated indicating successful course completion.
Certificate Type: This is a Carpenter Skill Advancement Program issued Certificate of Participation only.
Certificate Expires: No expiration
Refresher Requirement: None