Class Detail


Course Description

This course provides an overview of the materials, means and methods used in mass timber construction. The classroom portion will identify the differences between a mass timber jobsite as compared to a concrete or steel structure including planning, virtual design and construction, prefabrication, delivery and installation. The course will transition to the shop, where the participants will use IPads with the ProCore construction app to layout the structure using the loaded structural and shop drawings. The member will shoot elevation, rig, signal, hoist and erect a tri-level mass timber structure and a smaller project consisting of GLT posts and beams and CLT shear walls, decks and stair sections utilizing the hardware from numerous manufacturers.

Special Instructions

Tools and/or supplies required: Hard hat, clear safety glasses, work boots, tool belt w/tape measure, framing hammer, speed square, chalk line (no red or black), 8” or 10" adjustable wrench, Pen/pencil, notebook, highlighter, calculator and an 8 GB Thumb Drive.

Course Length: 28 hours
Designed for Craft: Carpenters
Pre-requisites: None
Upon Completion: Your UBC Training Verification wallet card will be updated indicating successful course completion.
Certificate Type: This is a Carpenter Skill Advancement Program issued Certificate of Participation only.
Certificate Expires: No Expiration Date
Refresher Requirement: None