Class Detail


Course Description

This course will cover how to find and understand stair section details in the blueprints and how to construct stairs before the next floor is completed. Calculations of riser height, tread cut, length of stairwell as well as a description of framing layout will be done in the classroom. Shop project will include layout and assembly of floating stairs with one intermediate landing.

Special Instructions

Tools and/or supplies needed: Hard hat, clear safety glasses, work boots, basic tool pouches including a tape measure, utility knife, speed square and chalk box (no red or black), calculator, pen/pencil and notebook.

Course Length: 24 hours
Designed for Craft: Carpenters
Pre-requisites: No pre-requisites required at this time.
Upon Completion: Your UBC Training Verification wallet card will be updated indicating successful course completion.
Certificate Type: This is a Carpenter Skill Advancement Program issued Certificate of Participation only.
Certificate Expires: No expiration date.
Refresher Requirement: No refresher course required at this time.